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This is a small collection of 8MM family films that I had digitally converted, in order to preserve the memories for many years to come. ­čÖé



A quick glimpse of the Mazur, Jucha, and Serwanski kids…

Little Ones

And now we welcome to the US – the Edwin Serwanski Family!

Welcome to the US

Then we have a celebration with the Garb, Jucha, Knaga, and Serwanski Families…


On to a RARE clip of an almost teen-aged Ron Wisniewski…


The Garb, Jucha, Knaga, and Serwanski families celebrate Easter together…


Guess who’s got a birthday to celebrate?

Happy Birthday

It’s a Merry Christmas for the Jucha, Mazur, and Serwanski kids! Check out all the presents!

A Jucha Christmas

Here the Garb, Jucha, Knaga, Mazur, and Serwanski families gather to celebrate the communion of John Mazur & Thaddeus Serwanski Jr., with a special RARE appearance by John & Martha Jucha’s close friend John Zinevich with daughter Natalie:

Mazur-Serwanski Communion

And we conclude this video page with a last, quick glimpse of another typical get together of the Jucha, Mazur, and Serwanski families… “Those were the days.”


But that’s not all! Many more videos will be added to the site soon, so check back often! Please feel free to share any thoughts, comments, or memories in the comments section. If you prefer to keep them private, you can email me directly: jackie@wisniewskigenealogy.com. I’d love to hear from you!


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  • April 9, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Dzień Dobry
    Jestem z Lipnicy Murowanej, czy już poznała Pani rodzinę z Lipnicy.
    Ja znam rodziny Kwa┼Ťniewskich i Krzyszkowskich

    Motak Krystyna


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