So, what’s new?

I’m SUPER excited to announce that as of today, my “Home Movies” page is now live! I’m extremely proud to be able to share these videos with you, as it’s been quite the work-in-progress!

**Please note – I’ve triple-checked each video to ensure it works across multiple browsers and even on mobile devices. The videos are all there, but depending on your computer/internet speed they may need extra time to load/buffer. Now, on to the details…

My mom was generous enough to trust me with her 8mm film, which we both desperately wanted to view. The problem was neither of us wanted to mess with the film, fearing we’d damage it by attempting to load it into a projector. Plus some of the film was damaged and needed to be cleaned and spliced together. As a genealogist, I/we are all about preservation, so after conducting extensive research on companies, procedures, and pricing, along with mom’s blessing – I started sending batches of her 8mm film to be digitized. The results were phenomenal – how else can I describe the opportunity to see so many of my long-deceased ancestors, during the prime of their lives, preserved in moving images? It was extremely emotional for me.

The original 8mm film came back to me cleaned and spliced/repaired as needed on a single large reel (per batch). The returned all the original cases too, thankfully. 🙂 I had the film converted to DVD, and with the DVD I had the video files extracted. From there I was able to run the videos frame by frame, pausing at the perfect times to capture still images to turn into new photographs. Then with a variety of video editing software & my awesome MacBook Air, I’m able to bring to you the clips I’ve featured within the home movies page.

I have a lot more footage to work through in order to extract the best moments to share with all of you, so please check back for updates. I hope by watching the videos they are as special to you as they are to me.

So what else do I have in store for

  • More home movies
  • A photo gallery with images that differ from those on my Facebook page
  • More frequent blogs (since I have over a year’s worth of new research to share)

And – I plan on adding a variety of other things to keep the site interesting, with the hope that my family, relatives, and friends continue to visit, share their memories/stories, and enjoy exploring our shared family history.

YAY for 2013! 🙂